Lincoln Continental

Air suspension systems.

Give your Lincoln the perfect look.

Give your Lincoln the perfect look.

CB Chassis makes it easy for Lincoln owners to distinguish themselves from the rest. Our air suspension kits are completely bolt-on requiring no welding and install quickly and easily so that you can keep your car on the road. Uncompromising construction, innovative features, and unsurpassed attention to detail mean that your car will perform just as good as it looks.

A-arm Front Suspension

The Lincoln Continental came form the factory with a radius rod style front suspension. While adequate in stock form, this design struggles when faced with the large range of travel in an air suspension setup. As the suspension cycles toward its extremes, the lower arm moves forward as it follows the arc of the radius rod causing alignment and wheel position issues.

CB Chassis eliminates these issues by converting the lower arm to an A-arm design that maintains wheel position and steering geometry through the complete range of motion. Additionally, this setup enables us to retain a shock absorber and mount it at a stable position that is not subject to rotational movement, thus eliminating unwanted bushing wear. What this means for you is that you don't have to worry about unforeseen clearance issues or compromised driving dynamics.

4-Link Rear Suspension

Our rear system converts the stock leaf spring setup to a triangulated 4-link that provides excellent suspension geometry throughout the suspension cycle and compact packaging that is easy to install. The three piece body crossmember fits snuggly against the underbody and contains all link attachments. The axle side brackets bolt up to the existing axle bracketry so there is no welding or cutting required.

The rear system is offered in two levels: Stage 1 & 2. Stage 1 will get you close to laying out, but not quite due to axle interference with the body. Stage 2 includes a c-notch set that allows the car to completely layout, but does require minor cutting of the body for the installation of c-notches.